Most of our trips are orientated towards off-piste skiing and ski touring, passing through small ski resorts to explore more remote locations. Please use the following guide to identify your correct ski level to ensure maximum enjoyment for you and your traveller partners. On some trips we provide two guides, which allows us to accommodate people of different levels within the same group. If you are not sure about your level or you are a snowboarder, please get in touch.


ski-beginnerYou can confidently ski on groomed red runs and you can explore ungroomed terrain at your own pace.


ski-intermediateYou can safely move in most kinds of snow conditions on the mountain. You are physically prepared for this in order to enjoy your holiday without holding the group back.


ski-advancedYou can confidently and competently move in all kinds of snow conditions on the mountain (ice, crust, hard pack, slush and/or powder).

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