Skiing with Araucarias and Volcanoes

This trip has been designed as a luxury holiday. We will visit 4 small ski areas in southern Chile, staying at 3 top of the range hotels and a charming family-run cabaña. The programme will take you both on and off-piste, with incursions into the backcountry and an introduction to ski touring. In each resort you will be provided with a day pass so if you decide to have a break, you can still make the most of your skiing holiday.


Ski around 5 volcanoes in 4 small ski areas of southern Chile, soak in hot springs, enjoy Chilean wine and bbq.


Superior room with mountain view at Valle Corralco Hotel & Spa at the skirts of Lonquimay volcano. Comfortable double room at Cabañas El Medina. Superior suite room at Hotel Antumalal overviewing Villarrica Lake. Superior suite room at Nothofagus Hotel & Spa immersed in southern beech forest.

Summary of Ski Centres

Corralco at Lonquimay volcano
Las Araucarias at Llaima volcano
Ski Pucón at Villarrica volcano
Bosque Nevado at Mocho-Choshuenco volcanoes

Summary of Nights

Corralco Ski Centre - 4 nights
Cherquenco - 2 nights
Pucón - 4 nights
Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve - 2 nights

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Travel Info

Day 1

Your guide will meet you at Temuco airport. 4 nights stay at Valle Corralco Hotel & Spa.

Day 2

Guided ski around Corralco ski centre on the skirts of Lonquimay volcano, a place of outstanding natural beauty with its snow-capped crater offering amazing views of its neighbouring volcanoes. Avalanche-awareness talk.

Day 3

Guided ski around Corralco ski centre with off-piste incursions into Crater Navidad and Cerro Cautin slopes.

Day 4

A gentle introduction to ski touring around the beautiful area of Los Arenales, a small abandoned ski centre with outstanding views of the Andes and Argentinian Pampas.

Day 5

Travel to Cherquenco town and stay in a cosy classic colonist cabaña for two nights.

Day 6

Guided ski around Las Araucarias ski centre, a small ski resort at the base of Llaima volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in the Andes.

Day 7

Travel to Pucón, the outdoor capital of Chile. Visit the town of Villarrica and relax in Pucón’s wide selection of bars and restaurants. 4-night stay at Antumalal Hotel.

Day 8

Guided ski around the Ski-Pucón ski centre on the skirts of the smokey House of the Spirits (Villarrica) volcano with outstanding views of Villarrica lake and the towns of Villarrica and Pucón.

Day 9

An expedition day to the far side of Villarrica volcano. Travel by 4×4 and ski tour up to the Pichillancahue glacier. A truly off-the-beaten track experience with a variety of terrain and superb views.

Day 10

Explore the surrounding slopes around the base of Lanin volcano near the border with Argentina. Lanin is the highest volcano in the southern territories elevating more than 2,500 metres above the road.

Day 11

Drive to the Huilo Huilo natural reserve with a stop at Termas Geométricas. Stay at Nothofagus Hotel & Spa for 2 nights.

Day 12

Guided ski on the plateau between Mocho and Choshuenco volcanoes. Enjoy the charms of this tiny and unique ski centre.

Day 13

Drive back to Temuco with drop off at the airport.

Please note all times and figures are approximate. We reserve the right to modify this itinerary according to the booking conditions.

Valle Corralco Hotel & Spa

Corralco Mountain & Ski Resort is located in the Andes, just 90 minutes away from Temuco, within the imposing landscape of Malalcahuello National Reserve. Its natural beauty, where Araucarias, snow and mountain are combined, make this ski resort a world-class destination, and has become the place of choice for both advanced and beginner skiers for years.

Hotel Antumalal

On a wooded point overlooking the lake, between gardens, terraces and waterfalls sits the Hotel Antumalal. Meaning "Corral of the Sun" in the Mapundungun language, Antumalal's vibrant and modern architecture fits harmoniously with its setting. The main rooms extend above a cliff with an entire wall of glass overlooking the lake. Wood-paneled walls, soft white carpets and an immense fireplace create an elegant yet simple ambiance. In a modern twist on 1950s style, the furniture uniquely blends native wood, iron, and rope. Recent additions, such as the pool and spa use wood, rock and cement to remain true to the original architecture and to integrate with the surroundings. Each bedroom is furnished with a wall-sized window so that the calming landscape is perfectly framed.

El Medina

We have included a two-night stay in a cabaña outside the small village of Cherquenco near Llaima volcano, which is a family-run business with comfortable facilities. Here you can have a real experience of a Southern Chilean colonial family.

Nothofagus Hotel & Spa

Going into the forest, following a water course, appears the Nothofagus, a structure that rises among treetops, to emerge and discover the magnificence of the cold forest, its mountains, volcano and the immensity of the Patagonian Andes’s environment. It has 55 rooms, distributed among 7 floors, where spectacular views dominate, in order to give an unforgettable experience. In addition, it has 2 dining rooms, living rooms, an exquisite gastronomic service and an excellent attention. To get to the rooms, you can use a panoramic elevator or a ramp with a smooth slope that circulates through all the interior.